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Dr Sam Feng

Mr. Sam Feng was born in a family of Chinese Medicine doctors in China. He obtained Bachelor of Chinese medicine from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Masters of applied sciences (acupuncture) from RMIT University.

His Family Background

Father Xinsong Feng is an orthopedics professor and was rewarded title ‘China Orthopedics Subject Leader’. He was the president of Guangzhou University of TCM 2001-2005. Founder and the first president of Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology. Mother Xiuxia ZHANG is professor of Internal Medicine. She was deputy of Chinese Medicine department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) and Senior consultant of Kwong Wah Hospital Chinese Medicine department (Hongkong). Elder brother Jianfeng FENG is doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine department in Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital.

His Special Interest

Pain symptoms / Arthritis/ Injuries/ Flu and fever/ Cough/ Infertility assist / Woman and Children diseases / Dermal symptoms / Hay fever and allergy symptoms / Insomnia and amnesia / Post-stroke rehabilitation


482 Burwood Highway, Vermont South, Vic 3133​

Please call 0432 214 011 for appointment.